​​​Humanise your brand with video.
​​Engage and connect on a deeper emotional level.

Video helps position you as the expert in your field. Authentic video communication builds trust, helping you enjoy increased profits, attract higher quality clients, command premium prices and enjoy easy frictionless selling.

Matt Urmenyhazi is Australia's leading
 expert in humanising brands with video.

Backed by a career in broadcast
 TV production, he now specialises in making businesses highly visible in the marketplace.

People buy from people. They connect
 with authenticity.

"After many years creating brands for
 major ​TV networks, my passion now is to "humanise" ​brands of all sizes through the power of video."

Matt Urmenyhazi - Founder, Branding Attraction

Matt Urmenyhazi
I specialise in building authentic personal brands through the use of world-class video. After 30 years of creating brands for major corporations my passion is now to "humanise brands" for individuals. Why? Because people buy from people. They connect with individuals - not corporations.

Video makes you and your business highly visible in the marketplace while expertly positioning you as THE obvious "go to" and respected authority in the minds of your prospects, clients, peers and competitors.

Personal branding with video can help you get recognised as THE expert in your industry so that you can enjoy increased profits, attract higher quality clients, command premium prices and enjoy easy frictionless selling...

In today's ultra competitive expert market, you need world class personal branding strategies to survive and excel...

It's your time to rise! If you don’t brand yourself, the world WILL...

You are your brand.

"Matt made the whole process of producing the video so easy for a business owner. The filming process went smoothly. I was a bit nervous about how the video would look, not really comfortable seeing myself on camera but Matt did an excellent job on the production. So thrilled with the results! Thanks Matt!"

Adrienne McLeanCommunications Strategist, The Speakers Practice

"Matt is of 'Master' calibre compared to many other professionals in his industry - he has great attention to detail, produces high quality work and he's also good value for money. His work and advice has significantly helped improve my personal brand and reinforced my positioning in the marketplace."

Dr Avnesh RatnanesanCEO, Energesse

"Talented, passionate, committed, creative. Matt's one of the rare people that you meet that is genuine and can deliver the goods. I love his eye and his sensitivity. Two traits that I think are critical in the creative process. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt."

Mark FalzonFounder and CEO, Behind The Scenes

We are the trusted choice of mega brands such as:

Matt Urmenyhazi  |  Ph: 0403 390 566 |  E: matt@brandingattraction.com

Matt Urmenyhazi

 Ph: 0403 390 566

E: matt@brandingattraction.com

The trusted choice of megabrands:

We are the trusted choice of mega brands such as: